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If you have hair which is hard to manage, maybe you can consider keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is very popular hair’s treatment at the moment, mostly among young women with long hair. Why?  Because it make hair look amazing with gorgeous healthy shine and give your hair texture of the silk.

What is Keratin Treatment?  Lots of people call it keratin straightening  which is not quite correct and causing confusion for many women and many of us have expectations for hair is  to be totally strait after the treatment. But in reality it’s pretty much only smoothing treatment which makes hair very easy to manage and to style. During the procedure, keratin seals into the cuticle to lock out freeze and to reduce curl. In salon procedure normally takes up to three hours where professional will wash your hair first, dry it out, then apply keratin & leave it for 15-30 min to seal in, then dry it again and straighten  with hair straightener to finish off.  From that moment, you can not wash or comb your hair during the next 72 hours after procedure. Personally, I got to know about keratin few years ago, and since I dare to try this treatment for the first time, I’m totally addicted  to it and do repeat treatments every 5 to 7 months.

How much does it cost? Few years ago I was spending about $500 to $700 for in salon procedure for each treatment, however, nowadays it’s very and very affordable and can cost you as little as $89  to $400.

How  long does it last? Normally it says it last for 3 to 6 months. Longevity period is different for everyone & depends on many things (e.g. hair type), however, mostly it depends how good you do maintenance after the treatment. I found that premium results I can achieve with best matching to me product of shampoo and conditioner. At the moment its huge variety of products to choose from and it can be very tricky or easy to find the  right one which will work best for you.

Where it can be done? I would highly recommend you to do research and ask your friends and/or forum, Facebook groups for recommendations for the best places around area you live. Despite its amazing treatment, it can harm your hair in case its done by non trained professional or with lack of experience in that particular treatment.

Recommended care: During many years I have tried big variety of different products, and by now I have my favourite top three brands.

  • The most impressive results I got from using Keratin Shampoo and Keratin Mask by Seliar Argan Hair Secrets. That post – treatment shampoo and mask are giving me the most longest feeling of having keratin inside my hair, incredible feeling like its never washing out.


  • My second favourite brand is Keratin Complex by Coppola. Also they have very nice little travel size pack which is very convenient for people who is doing lots of travelling like me
  • My third award for  outstanding results is for Re5 Keratin Gold System

In a short summary Pro and Cons below: Pros:

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to style. It takes me just few min to strait my long hair in the morning
  • Gives gorgeous shine
  • Feels like a silk


  • You need always use keratin enriched shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • Avoid high humidity environment (I noticed that after my frequent visits to sauna or steam room, keratin is washing out very quickly out of my hair). Tip: use special spa hat while inside of Sauna or Steaming room to protect your hair
  • Avoid swimming in salt water. If you need to, put post – treatment hair conditioner on your hair before swim or use shower cap or swimming cap while swimming

I would be very interesting to get your opinion on keratin and please share in the comment what are your most favourite products

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