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With today  environmental pollution, stress level and many other factors, wrinkles might appears at very young age.

Few months ago I have experienced a little shock when one morning I looked at myself in the mirror and to my huge surprise, noticed the appearance of one forehead wrinkle and  few under eyes ones. I was totally not ready to accept first signs of aging, as before every other mornings, I was checking out my reflection in the mirror very closely and have not seen this wrinkles coming.


As a result, I had to come up with express magic solution against first sign of aging. My research over the internet together with numerous consultations with beauty therapists, helped me to develop my first aid kit to fight my very first tiny wrinkles.
So, First of all:

* Do not panic. We are all aging at different time (more or less; early or later)

* Say No to Stress. Learn to control your emotions. Stress will leave a shadow on your face with lots of new wrinkles (and even can result you to have gray hairs much early)

* Eat right food. Toxin food will worsen conditions

* Have a good sleep. It’s very important to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep

* Exercise regularly.  It will help to remove toxins out of your skin

* Take right skin care. Try to follow your beauty routine every day

* Thank Yourself. Please treat yourself at least once in a month with special facial made in Beauty Spa (Oxygen facial).

Secondly add new anti aging products to your beauty magic kit. There are lots and lots of high quality products on the market, however, I found my top three products:
* Capture Totale Eyes Essential Super Serum. That product based on Nobel Prize winning discovery and suitable for all ages. Super Serum will benefit your under eyes areas with eliminating toxins from the skin, regenerates and energizes skin.

* Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Eye Cream is Expert to correct wrinkles

* Dream Skin Capture Totale is unique perfect skin creator which refining skin texture, increasing radiance, minimizing pores, reducing dark spots and redness. It’s all in one solution for perfect skin and suitable for all ages.


Thirdly, when applying products, use your fingers and massage your skin, it will help to penetrate product much deeper and to also will firm your skin.

By practicing my magic program for the last two months, I can confirm that my forehead wrinkle is disappeared and my under eyes ones are reduced a lot and I believe it will be gone soon completely.

That’s all from me!

Please share in comment your experience and magic skin care secrets 🙂

Love you lots ….. xxxx