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Today’s world is not the same as the world of our parents and grand parents.

Most of us are very ambitious and we want to achieve so many things in our lives and career might be very important part of our dreams (as in many cases , our job pays for lifestyle we have and/or wish to have).  Another words, figure with desired number of zeros coming into our bank account might make  many of our dreams happen much faster.  Money make it easy to travel, buy favourite brands of clothes & all you need beauty stuff, own house in desirable location with fantastic interior/exterior, get that car of your dream and of course get that something special that only you want.

Besides that, at some point, we might stuck all the sudden  in one position for a good while and don’t seeing any light at the end of the tunnel.


After struggling for some time, we might  just give up on our career dreams and think that that’s it. BUT……

  1. NEVER GIVE UP. So many examples saying to us that success comes to those who get up after each fail
  2. Take holidays or just weekend away to beautiful destination. It will help you to relax and re-think with fresh mind about many things: your life, your small and big goals, your dreams, your needs and many other things. You probably noticed that the moment you step away from your normal routine, in many cases  you was getting very important phone call, txt and/or email providing you great opportunity for something you really need.http://instagram.com/p/12tU1UG0yr/
  3. When you calm, relax and in a great state of mind, make (update, revise) the list with your career dreams (do not limit yourself and think big)
  4. Make display board with your career dreams and display it where you see it the most often: you choose, it might be fridge, wall opposite your bed, living room, etc.  Its many recommendations how to do it on the net. However, simple way is to buy big colourful sheet, take all o your magazines and cut out pictures which reflect your dreams in some way
  5. Every morning and night spend at least 10 min visualising your career dreams and make it very clear to your mind that they are already are achieved. Imagination must be so real that you must feel that you already got it. E.G. if you want to be CEO of your company, you must see everyday morning meetings with your directors, problems you face, discussing about release of the new products, etc
  6. In your room, house, garden find your career sector (Northern corner for Northern hemisphere countries and Southern corner for Southern Hemisphere countries) and place there fountain, aquarium and/or picture with element of water. Also It will be great to place there that something special for you which you make you feel that your career goals are achieved; and/or place there photos of people which made significant achievements in area you operate (e.g. if you working in IT – Bill Gates, fashion industry  – one of the famous fashion designers).http://instagram.com/p/040j7Pm0_O/
  7. Clean your living space from all clutter: all the clothes you don’t wear anymore, or clothes with smaller/bigger size give to those who need it; destroy all notes from University which you wont need again in the next year or next 5 years, all broken dishes, all food cans from the kitchen with expire due date, etc. Special place which require urgent attention is storage room – do not afraid to get rid of that or do garage sale. All unwanted stock must go!
  8. Stay positive no matter what. Unintentional everyone is always in favour positive people rather than negative. Think about it.
  9. Give others what you seek. If you are after promotion, help other people to get promotion; if you are after skills development, help other to develop their skills. It might sounds very strange, but that will do wonders in your life
  10. Change your life style for a better one. You might enrol for yoga class or you might start running every morning.  New activity will help to clear your mind and give free space for something new and exciting in your life.
  11. Find something that inspire you and come back to that something again and again.  You must believe / retrieve faith in your dreams.
  12. Read motivational and inspirational books. E.G. Think Bigger by Michael Hill, You’ll See it When You Believe it by Wayne W. Dyer, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success by Dr Deepak Chopra and it so many of other great book to choose.
  13. Watch motivational documentary and movie / movies which touch your heart and make you remember why you started all of that  and fight for your dreams again. E.G. Famous Secret by Rhonda Byrne, shows of Oprah, etc
  14. Fake it until you make it
  15. Celebrate Success. Its very important step to acknowledge your success and don’t forget to thank others who helped you to get there. People value appreciation same way you like to hear how special you are 🙂http://instagram.com/p/1cuVHWG08E/
  16. Be Better Person Every Day

I hope that a little something from me will help you to achieve your career dreams and get income you wish.

That topic is not directly related with the vision of Beauty and Gadgets, however, its indirectly related to beauty of the life, so I thought my intention to share my vision with many females will help those who need it.

If you know some other magic secrets, please share with us in the comment below

Lots of love xxx