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Today I want to share with you about my experience of exploring Bikram Yoga.


Overall, I am very sport’s loving personality & was doing different sport’s activities since my very early age.  Mostly I am fan of active and high intensity work outs like less Mills Programmes: Grit, CX 30, BodyPump, BodyAttack as well as running & CrossFit. With my normal routine, I am exercising about 3-7 times a week & about once a week I used to integrate “normal” yoga for stretching, relaxation & peace of mind.

I was pretty happy with my sport routine & was not looking forward to differentiate it, however, at one point I decided to go and try Bikram yoga by myself.

The reasons behind my decision was pretty simple. I saw “wonderful miraculous” changes happened to many people I know of, who started practising Bikram yoga on frequent basis.


To be more clear and specific, one person at my workplace, was working as Sales Manager for about 7 years without any promotions, etc and within few months after starting practicing Bikram yoga, he moved to different country as International Sales Director, stepping up on totally new level with his career; another person was working at Director of a big department and was pretty successful; after starting practice of Bikram yoga almost every day, he found even better job and moved overseas; Another girl, all the sudden, just after few classes of practice, got romantic proposal with very beautiful ring; before that she was in relationship for many years without moving anywhere. I can go on and on with examples, but pretty much, after putting all things together & thoughts, Bikram yoga makes things happened, so I  decided that I should give it a go & try hot yoga by myself and see what’s will happen next.

To be honest, my first class was very challenging and I had no idea of what I was doing and was thinking to leave the room ASAP. The only reason, I stayed, because door to the classroom was locked from inside and it was very impolite just to take my mat and leave. However, to my surprise, with every following class, it was becoming easier and easier to complete and after about 4 classes, I started really enjoying the process.


What interesting things I found out while practicing:

  1. No matter which part of the world you are taking the class, it always will be the same class with same exercise sequence: 26 yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises. It seems a bit boring at first, but you can really work out on the quality of the poses and get better stretching with the time.
  2. Hot yoga is very popular between males rather than females: more than half of the class room are filled my men and they are actually very attractive ones. The only other class, I saw that many males on a floor is Body Pump (lifting class).
  3. After every single class, skin feels just amazing and very hydrated & soft. And I am talking about face. Women can really appreciate the positive impact on how good ther skin looks and feels.
  4. The more classes you do, the more it’s addictive.
  5. After class, you don’t want to eat, no matter what time of the day it is. Appetite is getting away or much reduced and you have desire for healthier food options.
  6. You are losing interest for drinking alcohol. Yes, that’s right, you just don’t want it, even glass of wine is not on to do list after busy day.
  7. You are getting miracles happening to your normal life.
  8. Very interesting changes are happening to emotions & feelings (e.g., I started to feel and see many things differently, with totally new point of view on a things; at one stage, I was very overcoming with my feelings related to my past, I believe it was kind of healing process for my conscious or something).
  9. I believe practising of hot yoga helps you to be a better person.


If you feel encouraged and want to try, I have tips of how to go thought the first classes:

  1. Get comfy outfit. It might be shorts and bra or it also might be capri / long tights with top (as long as you are comfortable with your body during awkward possess).
  2. Drink before getting to class
  3. Be in “ready to go mode” at least 10 min before the class. Doors to the classroom might be locked with no access for late arrivals.
  4. If you feel dizzy during the class, just stop doing exercise for a min or two and lie down on your back to calm down
  5. Bring your fresh face towel with you. During the class, it might be very handy due to extensive sweating
  6. Bring your mat and big towel. You can hire both of them but I found it much more hygienically to use your own mat (no other people’s bacteria, traces of sweat on your mat). You need to cover mat to protect yourself from being slept over.

Overall, I found that Bikram Yoga is something really awesome and worth to be integrated to normal fitness routine, and it brings many positive changes to get better life as well as to feel better. Especially, nothing can be better than Bikram Yoga on a cold winter or raining day.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you found here what you was looking for. My intention is to share my knowledge and experience with those who need it and I really hope it will help you a bit on your journey to Perfect You.

If you wish to add the line with your valuable Bikram Yoga experience, please share it with us in the comment below.

Lots of love xxx