About Me

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Sophie and about a year ago I realized that I turned 27 yo and its probably great time to start looking after my face 🙂 You probably think that “what she is talking about” …lol…. however, I should be honest and tell you that I have not done even single facial or mask, or whatsoever before. Why? Because I believed in #naturalbeauty and on top of that I was doing lots of sport and outdoor activities that helped me to look awesome just as it is 🙂 BUT time is time and all the sudden I realized that I better do something right now or it might be too late.

So I have started doing research around my girl friends what they are doing in their beauty routine. And, OMG,  I should admit they are doing lots and lots every day and I just simply don’t have time for all of that 🙂 SO, moving forward, I started exploring internet and found that beauty industry is really fun and its lots of product on the market that I would love to  start using.  Eventually, I ended up spending all my spare money on different products, beauty gadgets and devices and got so much experience in that area that, you wont believe but…, my friends started coming to me  to get advice for their beauty routine. At that moment something clicked inside and I realised that I want to have my own website in order to share my personal experience with people like you 🙂 and help girls to explore right products when it comes to the point “I NEED start DOING something WITH my FACE”! I strongly believe that we need to maintain our “assets” very well 🙂 Especially if to consider that, nowadays, we can successfully maintain our beauty and be forever young and also, at the same time, modern technology allow us significantly improve our skin conditions and make it flawless, flawless beauty skin :). Today, there are lots and lots of beauty gadgets on the market, which are designed by skin professionals and many of them are really awesome.

I personally love beauty gadgets so much and believe some of them must be owned by every women. So, in my blog I, going to talk about beauty tips for the glowing skin and  everyday beauty routine. Please join me over here and  don’t hesitate to share your experience with me, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

I wish you much beauty and thank you for dropping by 🙂 Hope to see you soon again! Keep in touch


Founder of beautyandgadgets.com



5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. You have lovely blog.


  2. HI Sophie, thanks for liking my post on Santa Faz. You have a great blog!


  3. I feel u girl. I just turned 27, and I already have botox in a bottle. Lmao

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  4. Niice.

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