Skin Care

If you want to have flawless and glowing skin, I have a great news for you – nowadays it is possible more than ever before. If you already have it, that’s just awesome, however, you need to ensure that you maintain very well what you have.

Today I’m going to share with you few tips for skin and beauty which really works. However, as everything in a life, you need to work on it. My beauty tips are very simple and easy to follow, and if your beauty is matter to you and you really want to have flawless and glowing skin, please follow my few simple steps.

Number 1

We are what we eat. My first advice to you, please eat fresh and healthy products. It’s probably not what you want to hear from me, however, it’s my tip number one and it’s very very important. Not only our body needs fresh and healthy food to keep us fit but also our face, as it always directly reflect content of our food you eat.

Number 2

Clean and exfoliate. Everyday we use lots of different products to look beautiful, however, it’s very important to clean it out from our face and clean it out very well. How to do it with benefit for the health? Please take your best friend and go to sauna or steam room and do it at least once a week. I’m not joking! Have you ever thought why Russian girls look so beautiful? That’s right, they visit sauna and/or steam room very very often. Right after your sauna’s session, do your favourite facial mask (while discussing last news with your friend), and you will notice unusually radiant and glowing skin right on very next morning.

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Number 3

Use only fresh products / cosmetics on your face. Surprisingly, lots of ladies keep huge variety of different “good” cosmetic products for years and use it once in a while (totally ignoring the expiry date). Please treat cosmetic products the same way as you treat the food you eat: expired stuff should go into the rubbish bin ASAP, and not on your face! Instead of keeping great products for a long while, try to buy products with correct volume to suit your usage accordingly, and then use it all up before it will expire. Another words, keep your cosmetic fresh and go shopping online regularly for fresh replacement lot 🙂 has a great variety of fresh products with very competitive prices.

Number 4

Do regular exercises to get rid of toxins from inside out of your body. You will be amazed how great your skin will be looking like and also it will help you to be happier person.

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Sounds good?   Please try to follow my few simple steps and let me know is that working for you 🙂